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RomanCircle organizes and promotes international social events, corporate events  and offers social concierge services in Rome and Italy.
We are Italians with International horizons and can provide services for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Russian, Farsi (Persian), and other languages speakers.

This is how we started and how we gained recognition and expertise.
Our social events include a network of International people living in Rome and Italians with international horizons. We like to experience cultural diversity and have fun together, while building a valuable professional and social network.
If you want to be updated on our activities, register on our website and you will receive the newsletter.
We reserve the right to make a selection for our events to stay consistent with RomanCircle identity.
Favourite target age for social events: 23-45 years old
Education: degree and above
Eglish Language Knowledge is HIGHLY desirable.
RomanCircle is also an excellent vehicle for BELOW THE LINE promotion.
If your company is interested in promoting its products during one of our events, please contact
RomanCircle specializes in delivering unique, premium solutions to a selected range of experientially-focused clients. We also create and execute a portfolio of in-house designed events and tailored programs for special guests.
RomanCircle was extablished in 2005 and can leverage a wide array of contacts and expertise that can make your Roman experience amazing.


Nothing is so volatile as the trends and the opportunities of the city nightlife. If you are planning to visit Rome, we can tailor for you a program to make the most of your Roman nightlife.
The internet is full of website commenting the dining scene and they are definitely useful. However, with limited time available and scarce knowledge of the city geography, the newcomer or the tourist might lack of the whole picture and spend time in the traffic commuting from one place to the other rather than enjoying the time in Rome.  RomanCircle helps you to have a coherent and smooth program for your time in the city.



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